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ECM Strategy/Business Consulting


The principles of a content management solution are the same for any business. But the application of the principles may not be the same across those businesses. ContentSilo provides strategy consulting to assist clients to create an end state vision, and a roadmap to achieve the end state vision. Even though, a technology based solution is the most prevailing solution to alleviate a Company's requirement, there are cases when a non-technology based solution may make a viable option. Some of the examples such as proper classification of document, structuring file cabinets, modifications to human process, fall under this non-technology caption.

ContentSilo professionals have several years of global consulting experience with industry certifications such CDIA. Our professionals have experience implementing small business ECM solutions to global ECM solutions. Our experience in various industries also assists us in not only identifying best practices within a particular industry, but also enables us to provide cross-industry insights.

Document Back-file Conversions


ContentSilo offers a turnkey solution for back-file conversions. The unique advantage of ContentSilo is its ability to work with the clients to identify, analyze, and provide optimal solutions/processes for the client;s unique requirements.


On-site services, Off-site services, and technology enabled service such as utilizing advanced OCR/classifying systems are some of our differentiators.

ECM System Integration


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the current state of an evolution of some rudimentary document management solutions over the last few decades. An ECM solution can comprise of records management, web content management, document management or just merely performing email management and paper archival.


The enormous scope of ECM obviously has resulted in an influx of ECM vendors offering variety of products. A common misconception of implementing an ECM solution is that it is standalone without any dependency. But an ECM solution, just as in other enterprise level solutions, has several dependencies. Dependencies such as rudimentary as operating system type, database vendor, Microsoft or Java shop, make a big difference in selecting and implementing the ECM technologies.


ContentSilo not only understands the ECM technology, but also understands the dependencies, thus assisting the company in selecting appropriate ECM vendors and implementing ECM solutions.

ContentSilo Professionals are strong in technology fundamentals with certifications from companies such as Sun, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

Fax on Cloud for ECM


ContentSilo's Fax on Cloud solution allows Companies to fully-utiize a robust cloud architecture to host their fax requirements, and seamlessly integrate with their internal ECM systems via email and direct web services interface.

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