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Value Added Solutions/Products

ContentSilo's value proposition includes products and solutions built for ECM platforms.

Enterprise Content Gateway for P8 (ESRI ArcGIS Edition)  

Product Overview


ContentSilo's newest product, the Enterprise Content Gateway for P8 allows easy access of documents (residing in a FileNet P8 repository) directly from ESRIS ArcGIS interface . This is a cost-effective solution and adds tremendous value for any organization with a document management/content management system and ESRI ArcGIS foot print.


Key Benefits


Intuitive and easy to use; hides complexities of the imaging system from users. Simply select the “View P8 Images” button within ESRI ArcGIS software to display electronically archived docs.


User friendly application with minimal training required.


Supports all version of FileNet P8 platform out of the box.


Links multiple images to parcels in the ESRI ArcGIS system.


Key Features


User Preferences allow users to configure their system to fit their personal needs and work habits.


Leverages the flexible security mechanisms to control access to images.


Access documents, images and content from any Cross Reference.


Access documents, images and content from the map.


Ability to quickly see documents, images, content entries and a count of images attached to each location.


Industry Uses


This is an essential product for any industry that needs to bind the images to GIS Maps.


For Instance, the document stored in FileNet could be linked to attributes defined in the ESRI ArcGIS systm database.

BURP (Bulk Utility for Rigorous Processing) for P8

Product Overview


Bulk Utiity for Rigorous Processing (BURP) is a highly configurable and performance oriented set of tools to process images from various sources and upload into P8. It allows companies to:

Process high volume content.

Multiple sources,


Ability to transform images and metadata.

It  utilitiesis IBM FileNet's Bulk APIs and is comparable replacement for the HPII product set.


Key Benefits 


Ability to batch upload documents.


Easy configuration of mapping and transforming metadata.


Extensive logging and audit trails


Seamlessly integrates with ARM to support robust records management features


Industry Uses

Process images from disparate content management systems into P8 repository to support single system of record and application of records manaement policies and procedures.

Accelerated Records Management Framework

Product Overview

The Accelerated Records Management (ARM) framework consists of a series of process and technology artifacts to assist an organization in both building an electronic records management foundation and bringing business units on-board, simultaneously.

Key Benefits 

Faster implementation of the records artifacts.

Effective declaration practices.

Robust disposition process.

Multiple records management specific ‘worker’ utilities.


Industry Uses


ARM framework is critical for companies with significant investments in electronic records management programs based on IBM's P8 records management architecture.

For more details click here.

BURP (Bulk Utility for Rigorous Processing) for Content on Cloud

Product Overview

BURP framework has been extended to support sourcing content from cloud based content management systems, such as Sharepoint, Onbase, and Alfresco.

Migrates content from cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure.

  • Migrates any type of document from Sharepoint Cloud to Filenet P8.


Ability to update metadata and delete source content after transfer.


User friendly administration tool to map content transfer.


Leverages the Office 365 multi layer authentication mechanisms.


Seamlessly integrates with ARM processes for Records Management policies and procedures.


Key Benefits 


Intuitive and easy to use; hides complexities of the various cloud based content management systems.


User friendly application with minimal training required.


Supports all versions of FileNet P8 platform out of the box.


Maps any content type from systems such as Sharepoint to FileNet


Follows standard AWS and Microsoft practices.

  • This includes technologies for Office365 interfacing


Industry Uses

Enable clients to support records management practices in an hybrid electronic records policies and procedures.

Enterprise Reports
for FileNet P8

Product Overview


Enterprise Reports is a comprehensive data reporting tool primarily for use in the ECM/BPM Industry. It allows users to:

Build reports on multiple platforms using multiple reporting tools.


Build database/FileNet queries.


Create multiple database connections/Filenet sessions. Thus data can be obtained from a distributed environment.


Run reports against any of the queries (FileNet or Database).


It is a MVC based enterprise web based reporting solution. It can also be used in non- FileNet based DBMS solutions.


Key Benefits 


Ability to link single report template to multiple data queries.


Segregation of report template v/s data.


Allows creation of report templates in various formats.


Report Designers and Query Creators could work independently on the same report.


User could further enhance the usage of their licensed products.


Industry Uses


Enterprise Reports is a highly useful tool for anyone who is unable to obtain valuable data from their ECM implementations.

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